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Browse your favorite and soon-to-be-favorite watch bands, all of them.
The app includes every official watch band ever released since April 2015 by Apple and its official partners.
Make your collection stand out, and track upcoming additions.
Keep track of the bands you already own, and put nominees you’d like to add to your collection next on a wishlist.
Log your habits and share your passion.
Record the bands you're wearing, and share your favourites with our custom-designed cards.
Bands. More bands. Well, all bands.
Bands. More bands. Well, all bands.
The catalogue of the app includes every official watch band ever released since April 2015. Over 620 bands are organized by band type, color, or release date. Filters will help you find the band that best fits you and your style. You can explore details of your favourite bands in image galleries, or get to know all candidates for your wishlist in almost all details.
You’ve probably spent a considerable amount of time and effort collecting your bands. Make them stand out by creating a personal collection in the app, and keeping track of the bands you already own.
Create a wishlist of all the bands you’d like to add to your collection. Your personal wishlist gives you the best overview of what to buy next. You’ve carefully selected the bands that best suit your taste, but there's always that one band missing, right?
There’s a band for everyone.
From the first release of the Apple Watch in 2015, Apple has paid close attention to the bands that complement their "most personal device ever". For Apple, but more importantly, for Apple Watch owners with dozens or even hundreds of bands collected over several years, the bands are not at all about technology, neither are they a random accessory—each band expresses their passion for materials, craft, the process of making, as well as beauty and comfort in everyday life.
The cards shown above are part of the "Share band" feature of our app.
Explore band styles
Little Big Details
No matter if you're a pro, a beginner or just curious about watch bands released so far, we put together a set of tools to create a unique and supporting experience for your passion.
Stats and Insights
Get detailed stats and insights about your collection, created on your device. Learn which band types and colors you prefer most. Let the charts inspire you to try new colors and diversify your collection, or prove your choices were the right ones. And if you want, you can share the details with friends and followers with a report card.
Log the bands you're wearing! Keep track of which bands are being worn the most, and which are used the least and might need some more of your attention. A simple tool, which emphasizes your favorites, and helps you to understand your collection and your habits a bit more. It's also fun!
Band trays
Band Trays
The bands are sorted the best ways possible—by style, or in curated collections. But you might have your own way of sorting things or maybe you would like to manage your collection with lists. That's what our "band trays" are made for.
Curated collections
Curated collections
While your collection is the most personal, you might need some help in choosing your next band. Check our curated collections to get inspired, or to see which bands fit well together.
Slate Blue, Schieferblau, Bleu ardoise, Leisteenblauw, Blu ardesia, Azul pizarra, skalny błękit, スレートブルー, 슬레이트 블루, 岩青色. Region-specific names are available in multiple languages to make it easier to find the band you're looking for.
Barcode Scanner
Now, adding bands to your collection or wishlist is faster and easier. Launch our all-new scanner and point the camera towards the barcode at the back of the packaging. It's that easy! Our database is continuously updated with new numbers to provide you with the most accurate information.
Community Stats
Introducing community stats. Have you ever wondered which bands are featured in the most collections or how many wishlists the Lilac Sport Band appears on? Our new stats reveal some fascinating data about each band and your collection. Based on opt-in data only.
App Icon
App Icon Studio
Choose an app icon as personal as your watch band and a customized color which suits your homescreen best.
The combination you prefer is not listed? Mix and match then, and choose from a selection of colours and band types to create a custom app icon with the App Icon Studio.
Widget and Recommendations
What do you want to wear today? Keep an eye on your collection on the home screen, and receive suggestions from your collection every day. Available as widgets in multiple sizes.
Be one of the first to be notified about new bands, and when they’re available in the app so you can fill out your wishlist.
Stickers for Messages
Stickers for Messages
Talk about bands, share your passion, and enhance your messages with a fun and unique sticker pack.
Everything you love about "Bandbreite" on your wrist.
Access essential features conveniently on your wrist. Get recommendations from your collection, log the band you’re wearing, and sync your favorite band tray for easy access anytime.
There's more in the making.
With almost 20 updates in the last two years, we continuously develop and enhance the app—and we just getting started. We're happy to hear about your ideas. If there's anything you're missing or if you have a brilliant idea we didn't think of yet, drop us a line. Or two.
In sync, on all devices.
Your collection, wishlist, and other data are synced between devices signed into iCloud with the same account.
4,9 of 5
A "game changer" and a "beautiful designed" app.
While being continuously in touch with an amazing community, reviews are important and helpful for us. Here's a sneak peek what our user are saying, these are selected reviews from the App Store.
Nathan D Horton on 04.04.2021 (AU)
A game changer for your watch band collection
Bandbreite has been the cornerstone to managing and growing my Apple Watch band collection and I could not imagine a better app suited to helping this pursuit. The development team is amazing and super open to new feature suggestions.
Jasperooni on 06.10.2020 (UK)
Fantastic App!
Since staring to collect Apple Watch Bands, I have been trying to find some sort of database or cataloguing app to manage my collection, with no luck. Then this app came along—it's as if the developers read my mind! It’s got a great feature set in Version 1 and the roadmap is full of everything else I could wish for. The developers should get a bit of cash from Apple, as I can GUARANTEE that once you add your collection to this app, you will end up buying more bands...
iChernov on 24.09.2020 (DE)
Clean, elegant, flexible catalog of Apple Watch bands
Well-designed app with the most relevant info about all, even rarest and eldest, Apple Watch bands from Apple, Nike and Hermès. Does have information and photos of each band, with ability to add bands to own "collection". Very, very useful for bands collectors and "band-oholics".
jamieinoc on 25.09.2020 (USA)
Simply the best
There is no better way to manage and track my watch band collection. Fantastic work by the developer, it is much appreciated!
bmd88 on 27.01.2021 (USA)
Top Quality App!
The quality of this app is incredible. It is as if it’s a stock Apple app. The design is appealing and functional. Simply great all around.
addyV on 21.09.2022 (IN)
Amazing App
The build quality on this app is excellent, on par with official apps honestly. Quick to load, extremely well designed, intuitive UI and very informative. Lovely to see all watch bands at one place.
Based on ratings and reviews worldwide,
as of February 4th, 2023.
About the team
Bandbreite is a beautifully designed companion for every watch band collector. The app is a result of a collaboration between Apple Watch band collectors, passionate designers, and talented software engineers from three different countries.
Filip Chudzinski
Designer from Berlin, Germany
Florent Lotthé
Developer from Lille, France
Mattia Fochesato
Developer from Verona, Italy
Moritz Sternemann
Developer from Munich, Germany
Baptiste Dajon
Developer from Lille, France
Simon Botte
Developer from Angoulême, France
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Download on the App Store
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The app is made entirely in SwiftUI and iOS 15 (or later), or macOS Monterey (or later) is required.
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