History/Release notes 3.0June 01, 2020 Initial release. 3.0 (2)June 05, 2020
  • Images added: Sport Band Pink Sand (2nd Gen), Sport Band Stone (2nd Gen)
3.1June 12, 2020
  • Bands added: Sport Band Linen Blue, Seafoam, Vitamin C, and Coastal Gray; Sport Band White (2nd Gen)
  • Images added: Nylon Woven Pride Edition (2016), Hermès Double Tour Médor Deep Blue, and Hermès Single Tour Étain
  • All model numbers revised, very few numbers and dates has been corrected, new icon for photoshopped images and extra large bands, a few design tweaks

  • Exclusive Link Bracelet in Gold (2015) moved from regular section to Edition
  • Model number for Sport Band Pomegranate has been corrected
  • Model number for Woven Nylon Midnight Blue has been corrected
  • Model number for Woven Nylon Pollen has been corrected
3.1 (6)August 18, 2020
  • Model number for Nike Sport Loop Electric Pink has been corrected
  • Band added: Sport Band Soft White (White Ceramic/2019)
3.2 September 22, 2020
  • Bands added: 48 new bands — and 3 band types— from the recent Apple Event
  • Model number for Sport Band Pink (2015) for 40mm has been added
  • Details for Hermès Double Tour Bleu Jean corrected, new size for selected Hermès Double Tour added
3.2 (3) October 5, 2020
  • Bands added: Hermès Leather Attelage Single Tour and Double Tour in Orange
  • Band modified: Sport Band in Black, 1st Gen
  • Band modified: Hermès Single Tour Noir has been corrected to Box Leather
3.3 (2) December 2, 2020
  • Bands added: Northern Blue, Plum and Kumquat for Sport Band and Solo Loop (10 Nov)
  • Images modified: Hermès Leather Attelage Single Tour and Double Tour in Orange (10 Nov)
  • Release dates for Leather Link has been corrected (2 Dec)
3.4 February 1, 2021
  • Band added: Black Unity Sport Band
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State of Apple Watch Bands.

Every Apple Watch band Apple released.
State of Apple Watch bands. Preview of the multi-page chart. State of Apple Watch bands. Preview of the multi-page chart. Preview of the multi-page chart.

You're passionate about Apple Watch bands?
There's a chart for that.

The chart includes every Apple Watch band Apple —and its official partners Nike and Hermès— released since April 2015. More than 430 bands are organized by type and color, with information about its release date and model numbers added to a high-res image of the band.

Version 3.4; February 1, 2021

Version history/Release notes


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Both charts are freely available to download at Gumroad.
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